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"my bio"

In 1992, Jamie started teaching wilderness survival and primitive skills abroad. He is a staff instructor at select outdoor institutions and Canadian reserves teaching cross-cultural curriculums and outdoor programs. Since he has worked with multiple television/media productions and featured in numerous outdoor magazines and periodicals.

Much of what he has gained on this self-reliant journey is shared within the community he is building called The Old World Alliance.

Currently- Jamie is working as an author, outdoor skills instructor, and crafting fine rustic goods.

His goal is to create and live a more meaningful life built from these valuable skills learned.



  • 2009 - Developed youth Scout Craft Class for Boy/Girl Scouts/4H. 

  • Created the curriculum for the first Outdoor Living Skills program at 2 PHAS Districts.

  • Sanctioned to teach cross-cultural programs in the U.S and Canadain Tribal Lands.

  • Graduate/Instructor Pathfinder School Basic Survival Class.

  • Graduate/Instructor Pathfinder School Intermediate Survival Class.

  • Graduate/Instructor Pathfinder School Pioneering Class.

  • Graduate/Instructor Pathfinder School Scout Class.

  • Graduate/Instructor Pathfinder Advanced Survival Class.

  • Graduate/Instructor Pathfinder School Hudson Bay Trapping program.

  • Worked as Lead Instructor for Dave Cantebury/Pathfinder School.

  • Wilderness First Aid & Medicinal Plants ASHI/certified.

  • WFA/ Wilderness & Remote Medicine/certified.

  • The Association of Fish and Wildlife U.S Trappers Education course/certified.

  • Registered Nuisance Animal Trapper.

  • Survival Expert and Host - Outside Explorer/Television Show.

  • Art Department Assistant - National Geographic

  • Four years of outdoor equipment/training sales-Self Reliance Outfitters.

  • Pro-Staff/Retail Sales Representative

  • Established outdoor writer and author.

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