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What is the Old World Alliance?

The Old World Alliance is an association dedicated to self-reliance, survival, and outdoor skills.

It began when two people with very different backgrounds realized they shared a common goal: to create a meaningful business and strive to preserve old ways. Though they came from near opposite ends of the spectrum background-wise, their commonalities brought them together. And with that spark, they created The Old World Alliance. Self-reliance, survival, and outdoor skills are the pillars of that brand. "Lee" and I provide a unique personalized experience by offering a growing list of hand-made products built with pride around those pillars. The Old World Alliance offers membership, hand-crafted products, and personalized classes- all online. We are building as we grow, so thank you for your patience. jb

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the dirt

  • Former lead instructor for Dave Canterbury and The Pathfinder School.

  • Former Pro-Staff-Sales/Self Reliance Outfitters.

  • Associate Instructor/Campcraft Outdoors.

  • Program Director/Meesingw Org.

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jamie burleigh old world alliance

about jb

In 1992, I started teaching survival skills formally at select wilderness schools and reservations. Since, I have documented thousands of hours afield teaching people from all walks of life how to pursue their outdoor lifestyle in confidence.

jamie burleigh old world alliance

more dirt

  • Co-founder of the Old World Alliance.

  • Author and Craftsman

  • Proud Owner of Jb's Mercantile

  • Father and Husband

even more dirt

Jamie L. Burleigh

Co-founder of the Old World Alliance, Author for Creek Stewart's Pocket Field Guide series, and contributing author for numerous trade magazines and periodicals. Previous host of the television program Outdoor Explorer and a contractor for National Geographic. Acclaimed camp cook who enjoys sharing cooking skills and recipes of the north woods and Native cultures.

  • 2009 -Developed youth Scout Craft Class for Boy/Girl Scouts and 4H.

  • Created the FIRST Outdoor Skills program for  PHAS Districts.

  • Sanctioned to teach Cross-Cultural programs in the U.S. and on Canadian Tribal Lands.

  • Graduate and Instructor of The Pathfinder School: Basic Survival, Intermediate Survival, Advanced Survival, Scout Survival, Pioneering Class, and The Pathfinder School Hudson Bay Trapping Program.

  • Worked as Lead Instructor for Dave Canterbury/Pathfinder School.

  • Wilderness & Remote First Aid Certified.

  • Stop The Bleed Instructor.

  • Wilderness First Aid Instructor.

  • Certified U.S Fish and Wildlife Trapper.

  • Registered Nuisance Animal Trapper.

  • Outside Explorer Television Show- Survival Expert/host.

  • National Geographic- Art Department/Assistant. 

  • Pro-Staff/Retail Sales Representative.

  • Program developer

  • Established Author and Outdoor Writer.

  • Small Business Owner/JB's Mercantile

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