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The Best Emergency Candle for Home Use- Ready Hour

A reliable and safe way to light your home during power outages.

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Do you have a home emergency kit? Do you live in an area with frequent power outages or storms? Are you ready if the power goes out RIGHT NOW?

Yes- we've been building our home emergency kit for the last 5 years. It's far from complete but it gives us the confidence to weather most storms we may encounter together, safely at home as a family.

Not only do we live in an area that loses power but Michigan ranks fourth in the total amount of power outages and the Michigan Public Service Commission says outages here last on average three hours, which is longer than most states.

Yes- I can say that we are prepared for a no power/no lights situation in our home thanks to a great emergency candle I found last year.

First Impression

Honestly, I wasn't even looking for this type of "thing".

I almost did not buy it.

At the end of my online checkout process from My Patriot Supply, there was a last-minute in-your-face pop-up offer for a cheap emergency candle. So cheap that it was worth the risk of trying something new. I've been burned before so I only bought one. This candle proved itself the very first time I used it. It was not just another gimmicky survival item.

The Test

My first time using the Ready Hour candle was clearly by chance and for the record, I was NOT ready when our lights went out that evening.

I mean, what are the chances of not finding a working flashlight let alone not finding ANY of the lights and headlamps I had placed in strategic locations prior for quick use when duty calls?

Those chances are pretty good here at my house, as that very situation happened to me.

We lost power just before dark. I had just enough time to scramble around my house long enough to realize that I was not ready for a power outage that day. As I worked my way to my secret stash of headlamps in our emergency preps my candle was sitting on the top of the sealed container with a lighter taped to its side.

Lit candle on shelf, best emergency candle Ready Hour

I didn't read the instructions and the design seemed pretty straightforward.

Simply remove the wick cover and light. I did that very thing and to my surprise, that crazy lamp wicked candle worked amazingly well. This initial open and burn time lasted about three hours total before I snuffed out the flame.

With closer inspection, there was no melting or overheating of the thin plastic near the top of the candle where the wick is supported.

A solid performance for sure.


My Findings

The Ready Hour 100-Hour Candle performed flawlessly that evening but now I wanted to see how long it would last when I really used it. These candles were tested in my home, in my car, and out of doors.

In my opinion, these candles are best suited for indoor use but could be used in a pinch outside the home. It is just a candle and can be blown or snuffed out with a direct and hefty wind. That being said it is a solid unit that does not leak, has little to no odor when it's lit, and sits well on a flat surface. Perfectly fitted for safe use inside closed doors.

The light given from one candle is enough to read a book if sitting at a table or when sitting in an armchair with a candle close by on a nightstand. When a single candle is lit and placed in the center of a room it will provide enough light to navigate the space safely. I placed my candle on a dinner plate in the center of our living room in the dark and could see the faces of those sitting across the room from me. This was a good test and proved that these candles would be a great addition to any home for emergency lighting.

My Ready Hour 100-Hour candle lasted MORE than 100 hours.

Maybe because the times were intermittent and lit for short periods?

I'm not exactly sure.

Just know that I lit my candle for three hours every day for thirty-four days!

When used sparingly, a single emergency candle would absolutely provide weeks of emergency lighting. At the end of every burn, I checked the status of the wick and marked the clear plastic side with a sharpie marker. Another advantage would be the clear container/base. You are able to see the fluid level before use.


Im totally impressed with this product and not looking back. That's not totally true, as I will be looking to buy a 6-pack or case when they go on sale. You should too!

Best Emergency Candle Ready Hour 100-Hour Candle

These candles were super cheap.

I suggest everyone at least look into them with encouragement to buy a set for their home. Immediately-

Emergency Candle Features:

  • Proprietary blend of paraffin and other liquids

  • Clean-burning, odorless and smokeless

  • Up to 100-Hour burn time with 1/4 inch wick

  • Adjustable wick for more light

  • Light, safe and sturdy plastic container

  • Re-sealable cap for easy storage and portability

  • Fuel won't break down over time

  • 3.5" Wide x 4 1/4" Tall x 11" round

  • Provides up to 7 lumens

  • Made in the USA


My patriot Supply trusted self reliance products

Good Idea #473: Thoughtful family gifts. These candles added with other necessities, make great "basic" home emergency kits for your loved ones.


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