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How to Make an Old-World Rawhide Knife Sheath KIT and Course!

Rawhide Sheath KIT includes:

-Video Course
-Downloadable Template
-Rawhide Sheath blank
-Leather Dye


EVERYTHING YOU NEED to make your own quality rawhide sheath!

After watching this one-of-a-kind video course, you will know exactly how to build a durable rawhide sheath for a standard-sized butcher knife....that looks like it belongs on the belt of Jeremiah Johnson himself!

This course will showcase a build for the Old Hickory Butcher knife, but everything can easily be altered to fit any knife from your kit or pantry! 

I guarantee you will make many sheaths and projects with rawhide after finishing this course. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to design and finishing touches to these one-of-a-kind custom parfleche sheaths.


Course Objectives- What can you expect to learn?

-Learn how to design and make patterns for almost any knife

-Learn how to cut, shape, and wet-form rawhide

-Learn how to use decorative tacks for a welt and mechanical hold

-Learn tips & tricks that will take your rawhide crafting to the next level

-Learn how to dye, color, and protect your custom useable art

And more!

Rahide Sheath Kit and Online Course

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